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Complete commerce

Reinventing an established eCommerce website

We reinvigorated the Webbox website with new transitional branding and a complete front and back end overhaul. With numerous products on the market, it's extremely challenging to present a unified brand. Often ranges are in transition and some may be further along the journey than others. Our mission was to create a unified platform on which they could co-exist in harmony. We devised a transitional brand that would achieve this and allow the products to shine through.

New Webbox homepage

Creativity and usability

We were entirely conscious that the website was making monetary transactions, but felt that modernising the site and improving usability would lead to greater sales. We scrutinised the existing platform which we'd been supporting for some time, and worked through an extensive client wish-list of bug bears and improvements. We were able to demonstrate the power of Drupal Commerce and move it to new heights.

Webbox products

Sub brands and ranges

Webbox's product range is extensive and multi-faceted. We created new content areas that allowed us to explain the brands and offerings in more detail. Stylish landing pages can now be created easily by the client when new products are launched.

Webbox natural

We devised a set of icons that can be used throughout the site to reduce the amount of copy required.

Webbox icons

All of this was done without disrupting sales or losing historical orders. On launching the site the increase in sales was quickly evident.


"Working with DX has been an immensely rewarding experience. Their work is incredibly creative and lives on a bedrock of very solid code which makes for a great user experience. They are incredibly responsive and are happy to go the extra mile to make a project work."

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